Indian Athlete Playing With Doping Officials! || Indian Athlete Plays Cat And Mouse Game With Doping Officials! He disappeared after a great performance.


India’s top female 400m runner has mysteriously vanished. During the National Athletics Meet, this competitor set a new personal best time. AIU had been keeping an eye on her since then. The team intended to collect samples from the athlete in order to conduct a drug test. However, this athlete vanished without warning. The Indian Athletics Federation has likewise been unable in contacting the athlete.

Since the unexpected improvement in the timing of the country’s best 400-meter female runner, a cat-and-mouse game has been going on between the doping agency and the athlete. The girl athlete sprinted several seconds quicker than her previous best performance at the last National Athletics Meet, earning a spot on India’s all-time best list and a World Championship ticket. Following this feat, the female athlete caught the attention of the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) in Monaco, an independent authority tasked with uncovering doping and other forms of sports fraud. However, the AIU’s testing team has not been able to locate this athlete too far. The Indian Athletics Federation has likewise been unable in contacting this female athlete.

According to the Indian Express, the star athlete was scheduled to go to Turkey in mid-April with other 400mathletes and the women’s 4×100 relay team. However, she never arrived at the airport. Assuming the Indian athlete would be present in Turkey. The Athletics Integrity Unit’s Dope Control Officer came to Turkey to collect samples. But the female athlete was nowhere to be located. The squad then travelled to Mumbai and then to Haryana, where its personal coach lives. His hands, however, remained empty.

AFI was also unable to make the athlete bearable.

The Athletics Federation of India (AFI) authorities and the coach attempted to reach the athlete over the phone, according to reports. However, they were unable to obtain information regarding the athlete’s location. This athlete’s coach, who has already been sanctioned for doping, informed the FI that the feminine athlete contacted her in early April. Since then, they haven’t spoken at all. 

However, no communication could be established. The Athletics Federation of India’s senior authorities has declined to comment on the topic. 

Unexpectedly, an Indian athlete vanished.

“On the day,” an AFI source informed the Indian Express, “the female athlete was rumoured to proceed to Turkey with the group.” She did not, however, arrive at the airport. His phone was also buzzing. We couldn’t stand him because of this. We don’t know why she didn’t show up for the camp. He should be in Turkey with the rest of the athletes right now, but he has vanished. AIU is also on the lookout for him in order to gather samples for drug testing.”

When she finished the race with a record time at the university meet four years ago, the female athlete was a part of the national camp. However, following the camp, his pace abruptly diminished, which startled the coach as well. Another time, this athlete has been in the news.