“First tell me, am I trending on Twitter? (laughs) You know, that was one of my dreams to trend on Twitter, and I’m also really happy. Nikhat Zareen’s first words after winning the world title in the 52 kg division on Thursday were, “

Nikhat achieved the feat by beating Thailand’s Jitpong Jutamas in the 52 kg final by an amicable verdict. This was her first World Crowns order and her alternate gold order of the time-she had won the Strandja Memorial in February.

The first Indian prizefighter in 14 years, other than Mary Kom, to win the World Crowns, Nikhat feels this is a step towards her dream of an Olympic order. I am happy and feel emotions that I have won the gold order for my country. I’ll now do my best to fulfil my dream of winning an Olympic medal, “she said.

Talking about the final, where she won the first round but saw Jitpong make a comeback in the alternate, she said, “I just wanted to show off my style and win in a friendly manner.” I didn’t want to take the chance of a split decision going either way. The idea was to win the first two rounds by amicable decision and also take it a little easy in the third round. (But since she won the alternate round by a split decision), I had to go all out in the third round. “

Istanbul has been a happy stalking ground for Nikhat. She won the 2011 Women’s Junior and Youth World Boxing Championships then and bagged a citation at the Bosphorus boxing event last time. Thursday’s gold, however, was in a league of its own. Nikhat won each of her four bouts by a 5-0 margin, further extending her unbeaten run to 2022.

Nikhat presently competes in the non-Olympic 52 kg weight class, although she will compete at the Commonwealth Games in the 50 kg weight class. “Changing weight orders is difficult because they are all different.” “Most people chose lower-order prizefighters to lose weight before competitions, and moving higher puts them up against more difficult prizefighters.”

However, dropping to 50 kg will not make a significant difference because my current weight is 51 kg and I will only have to lose a few pounds. If my body responds well, I’ll continue in the 50 kg order, “she continued.

With the World Crowns gold order in the bag, Nikhat now shifts focus to the Commonwealth Games, which get underway in Birmingham on July 28. She’s clear that the “medication for the Paris Olympics has begun,” but added that she wants to take it step by step.

“The issue is staying in good physical shape.” After returning from the Strandja Memorial, I attended the World Crowns and Asian Games trials. Because I was up against some highly educated and seasoned prizefighters, I had to keep my body calm and composed during the trials in Strandja. I started working for World Crowns as well, and I’m currently preparing for the Commonwealth Games. She stated, “The key aim is to avoid injury.”