Olympic Refuge Foundation strengthens support to refugees worldwide || The Olympic Refuge Foundation expands its assistance to migrants across the world.


The Olympic Refuge Foundation( ORF) has inked a new corner Memorandum of Understanding( MoU) with the UN Refugee Agency( UNHCR), broadening their cooperation and reaffirming the commitment of the ORF and UNHCR to work sport to cover and support youthful people affected by relegation worldwide.

The MoU was inked during the meeting of the ORF Foundation Board on Wednesday in Madrid at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee. It came only a many days after it was blazoned that the ORF and the IOC Refugee Olympic Team had been fete by the prestigious 2022 Princess of Asturias Award for Sport.

UNHCR has been working nearly with the ORF since it was created in 2017, and with the IOC since 1994. The MoU builds on this cooperation by establishing a frame within which the ORF and UNHCR can unite to use sport as a tool for addition and social cohesion, physical and internal health and well-being, protection, results, and adaptability- and peace- structure.

“We need the charge of sport to promote peace and unity more than ever in these sensitive times,” stated IOC President and Chair of the ORF Thomas Bach. In carrying out its mission, the UNHCR has shown to be a reliable partner. I’m immensely thankful to the UN High Commissioner, Filippo Grandi, who incontinently handed his support to the IOC Refugee Olympic Team when it was created in 2015 and who was accepted to be Vice-Chair of the ORF. The MoU inked moment further cements our common commitment to supporting deportees through sport.

“ Our UNHCR mates have told us numerous times that whenever they ask deportees what they need most after food and sanctum, the answer is nearly always sport, ” Bach continued. “This is due to the fact that sport requires far more than simply physical activity. Sport is commission. Sport is an addition. Sport is respect. Sport is health. Sport is erecting confidence. Sport is a positive mindset. This is what the charge of the ORF is each about – giving stopgap through sport to those pulled by conflict, persecution or disaster, ” he concluded. 

Olympic Refuge Foundation

“At this critical moment, when more than a hundred million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes for the first time, and where crisis responses in the Global North and Global South are mostly uneven, it’s clearer than ever that sport has a veritably important part to play in exile response, ” said Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Deportees and Vice-Chair of the ORF. Mr Grandi continued “ sport doesn’t just bring people together, but can give stopgap and occasion and rally people behind the exile cause. This is clearly a crucial part that the IOC has played and that the ORF can play moving forward. ”

Meeting in Madrid, the Foundation Board members also had the occasion to hear updates on the perpetration of the ORF’s new strategic plan and conditioning that were rolled out in 2021.

Measuring progress towards one million

The Foundation’s strategic four-time plan was approved in March 2021 and allows the ORF to continue and expand its conditioning to prompt change across three pillars Access, Relinquishment and Collaborative Action. During the meeting in Madrid, the Foundation Board members assessed the progress made in each of these areas and in the environment of the Foundation’s end for one million youthful people affected by relegation to have access to safe sport by 2024.